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HorsePlay: Equine Assisted Learning & Therapies
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FarmPhotos/RoccoRiding.JPGMy amazing, fearless, non-verbal autistic son Rocco thrives at Nichols Field. The staff works wonders with him. Rocco has improved posture, coordination and posture.  He listens to verbal commands and shows a pure love for horses. His favorite part is to trot – the deep sensory seems to ground him. Each week we look forward to another lesson.                                                                -Proudly, Maureen”


Equine Assisted Learning & Therapies  

About Us: HorsePlay provides an array of services that partner people with equines for growth, learning, and specialized therapies.

Our panel of experts and licensed professionals include:


  • Behavior Ananlysts
  • Special Educators
  • Speech Therapists
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Life Coaches
  • Addictions Counselors and others 


We work witih all ages and populations: toddlers, children, adolescents and adults; individuals, couples, groups and teams.

Some insurances accepted.     No horse experience is required!

One Grown-Up's Tale of an Equine Assisted Experience Click here for her story

Looking for Improvement?

  • Compromised communicatuion and speech  
  • Social/emotional/behavioral challenges   
  • Autism spectrum disorders  
  • Impaired balance, coordination, posture   
  • Anxiety/depression  
  • PTSD  
  • Self-esteem and confidence issues  
  • Sensory or cognitive impairments



Come to the barn and meet our herd! 

Open House   Sunday, November 22, 2015   3-4:30 pm 

EAL sessions provide an enriched learning environment whereby enjoyment, mindfullness and concentration become strong motivators.

Early exposure to horses and horse-riding has shown to dramatically improve concentration, patience and communication  skills, which can then be transferred to social and learning experiences with family, peers and educators.  Additional benefits are improved balance, muscle strength and fine motor coordination leading to increased confidence and self-efficacy. We offer lessons and activities developed to cater to individual learning styles in a calm, safe, healthy outdoor environment.

Specialized clinics are also scheduled throughout the year.

Homeschoolers' customized packages and discounts are available.

Funding opportunities can be explored.

Contact Cori Nichols at Nichols Field Riding Club for more information or to schedule an evaluation and first session. Telephone: (845) 616 - 3608.


 New York State's new Autism Insurance Legislation, effective overmber 1, 2012, willprovide improved services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. For more information about Autism Insurance go to